ShorePoint Tutoring


ShorePoint Tutoring was founded by educational professional Rebecca, who has over 10 years of experience in teaching, intervention, and curriculum development. Rebecca received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Psychology from Manhattan College and pursued her dual Master of Arts in General and Special Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Throughout her career, Rebecca taught pre-kindergarten in a private school and then in the elementary school setting in several high-performing charter schools in the Bronx and Manhattan. She later became an interventionist, providing each student with customized instruction based on their strengths and needs. Upon moving to Miami, Rebecca became the Curriculum Specialist at a private school, driving the school's long-term vision and pedagogy.

ShorePoint Tutoring


"Rebecca has been a fantastic tutor for my son. Her approach is personalized and has helped my son to thrive academically. He's now more confident and enjoys going to school. Thank you, Rebecca!"

- Sarah P.

"I highly recommend ShorePoint Tutoring. Rebecca's approach to learning is unique and she takes the time to understand each child's individual needs. Her interventions have been a lifesaver for my daughter and her grades have improved significantly."

- John D.

"Rebecca has been instrumental in helping my son with his executive functioning skills. He has struggled with time management and organization for years, but after working with Rebecca, he's able to stay on top of his assignments and has seen a significant improvement in his grades."

- Maria S.